For equity crowdfunding campaigns, Crowdbase charges a 7% commission fee of the total funds raised through the platform if and only if the campaign is successful.

Additionally, Crowdbase may request a small upfront fee, up to 1.5% of the minimum funding goal, to cover expenses associated with preparing the crowdfunding campaign. This upfront fee is unconditional upon the campaign’s success, meaning that it will not be refunded if unsuccessful.

Crowdbase may charge additional fees for services requested that fall outside the scope of the crowdfunding campaign, such as financial advisory, business plan consultation and pitch deck preparation.

We do not charge investors any fees on the platform. No investment fee, no holding fee, and no exit fee.

Equity campaigns


7 %
  • Discounts may apply for larger deals

  • Payment processing fees may apply

  • Pre-payment of 1.5% may be requested