Raise Capital

Apply to host your crowdfunding campaign and accelerate your venture's growth.

Fundraising process

  • Submit an overview of your business, including a business plan and/or pitch deck, and basic information about your company.
  • We analyse the feasibility of your business and the validity of your documents to guarantee complete transparency with investors.
  • We work together to create an appealing crowdfunding campaign highlighting your business’s benefits and plan a marketing strategy to publish to the crowd.
  • The crowdfunding campaign is released on the platform for everyone to see, and we begin implementing our marketing strategy.
  • Once your crowdfunding campaign reaches its minimum funding goal, the campaign is successful, and all the funds collected are secured.
  • After the campaign is successfully completed, all funds raised are transferred to the company and certificates of ownership are transferred to investors.

Why choose Crowdbase

At Crowdbase, we try to differentiate ourselves by supporting companies from the beginning of their crowdfunding journey until after their successful campaign completion.

Pitch and marketing support

We provide support in crafting the pitch and marketing for your crowdfunding campaign.

Investor network

Our team has an extensive network of investors who are always looking for the next opportunity.


Our business model guarantees that we only gain when you do.


Our team has considerable fundraising experience in a wide range of sectors.

How Crowdbase makes money