Behind the Pitch

Conversations with the Founders behind the crowdfunding campaigns and their journeys.



Behind the Pitch - Episode 3: Snap Thumbnail

Behind the Pitch - Episode 3: Snap

In this episode we welcomed Antonis Neocleous and George Iacovou, the Founders of Snap. Snap is the first and only local solution for individuals looking to book appointments for beauty and wellness services. In this discussion with Snap's Founders, we covered a wide range of topics, including their experience and expertise, businesses they built in the past individually and together, what they learned from those experiences, and how they are applying this newfound knowledge in their latest startup, Snap. We covered many key areas of Snap's business, including the problem in the market and Snap's solution, the business model, the vision and many more. If you are interested in investing in Snap, this podcast episode is a must-watch!

Behind the Pitch - Episode 2: GoGet Thumbnail

Behind the Pitch - Episode 2: GoGet

In this episode we welcomed Nearchos Petrides, CEO of Ellinas Finance. GoGet is a new product launched by Ellinas Finance Public Company Limited. They are raising Debt capital through Crowdbase, with the use of funds solely for expanding the new GoGet business line. We talked with Nearchos about the new product GoGet, the need in the Cypriot market for such a product, its business model and how it works. Next, we zoomed out and talked about Ellinas Finance as a Group, its history, and the experience they have with lending. Lastly, we analysed the fundraising round, which includes the 3-Year Debenture they are raising, with semi-annual payments, a 3% spread on 12M Euribor, and a floor rate of 4.5%.

Behind the Pitch - Episode 1: easyBoat Thumbnail

Behind the Pitch - Episode 1: easyBoat

In this episode, we sit down with the Founders of easyBoat, CEO Alexandros Nastos, and CTO Simon Lalagos. easyBoat is an online price comparison platform for yacht rentals, raising equity capital on our platform. With Alex and Simon we talk about the idea behind easyBoat and the easy brand, the specifics of easyBoat, what it is, what it does, the business model, the revenue streams etc. Lastly, we talk about the fundraising round, how much funds they are looking to raise, why should someone invest in easyBoat and more.