How Crowdbase makes money

At Crowdbase, our aim is to create a transparent and effective platform for both visionary entrepreneurs and investors. Our fee structure is designed to align the interests of Crowdbase with those of our project owners and investors.

Success Fee

Our fee model is split into two parts to incentivise both Crowdbase and project owners to contribute actively to the fundraising effort:

  • Funds Raised by Crowdbase: A commission of 10% is applied to funds raised through our network and marketing efforts.
  • Funds Brought in by Project Owners: A reduced facilitation fee of 4%, encouraging project owners to actively participate in their campaign’s success.

This structure ensures that our interests are aligned with those of our project owners, fostering a cooperative environment aimed at maximising the campaign’s success.

While the split between Crowdbase-raised and owner-raised funds can vary, our model typically averages to around an 8% commission fee, depending on the distribution of effort.

In the case where the campaign is unsuccessful, Crowdbase does not charge the above fees.

Transaction Fees

In addition to the commission fees, we apply transaction fees to cover the costs of processing investments. These fees typically end up between 0.3% and 0.7% of the total funds raised.

Preparation Fee

A flat preparation fee of €2,000 is required upfront for each campaign. This fee covers some of the costs associated with preparing and launching your campaign, including material and legal groundwork.

It is a one-time charge and is deducted from the final fee calculation for successful campaigns.

Tailored Fee Structures

Our flexible approach extends to different project types, with equity campaigns for startups employing our dual fee model.

For real estate projects and larger campaigns, we offer negotiable fee structures to best suit the project’s needs.

No Investor Fees

Crowdbase stands out by charging no fees to investors. No investment, no holding, and no exit fees, encouraging broader participation in crowdfunding ventures.

Additional Services

Beyond crowdfunding, Crowdbase offers tailored additional services to support business growth and investment readiness. This includes, among others, business planning, financial modelling, and assistance in acquiring the Certificate of Innovative Enterprise (CIE). Fees for these services are determined based on the project’s scope and complexity.