Crowdbase fees and charges

Information on the costs and associated charges, in respect of the Services provided by Crowdbase, are made available to the client, as set out in the Terms and Conditions.

The Fee Schedule may be subject to change from time to time, or on a case-by-case basis in accordance with Crowdbase’s internal policies and procedures. Further, as may be agreed in writing between a Client and Crowdbase as to the terms of specific Services or Financial Instruments specific fees may apply, which override the indicative fees and charges set out in the Fee Schedule which are subject to the provisions of the Investment Services Agreement entered into and executed between the Client and Crowdbase.

Ex-Ante Fees

Unless otherwise agreed, Crowdbase discloses costs and charges prior to the provision of the elected Service, taking into account the Client’s categorisation.

It is noted that the costs and charges shown in the Fee Schedule, other than those payable to Crowdbase are based on reasonable estimates and assumptions but may be more or less than the amounts shown. For the calculation and disclosure of costs and charges, where applicable, Crowdbase uses data available at the point in time of the provision of services or earlier.

It is possible that prior costs and charges information is calculated based on a reference amount and does not account for exceptional circumstances. Under such circumstances, the actual amount may differ from the reference amount, meaning that the actual costs and charges incurred may also differ.

Ex-Post Fees

Crowdbase on an annual basis will provide the Client with a report of aggregated costs which have actually been incurred by the Client for the Services offered. Such information as to the aggregated costs a Client incurred for the Financial Instruments and Funds held will be included within the regular annual statement report.

The calculation of any percentage figures contained in such report will be based on the average invested capital over the reporting period. Other service costs, e.g., administration fees and other fees in connection with safekeeping account management, might be aggregated in the aggregate amount of costs and charges and are not disclosed separately.

Inducements / Third Party Payments

Crowdbase, as services provider shall not receive any remuneration, discount or nonmonetary benefit (inducements) for routing investor orders to a particular crowdfunding project either on the crowdfunding platform managed or operated by it, or to a crowdfunding platform managed or operated by any other person.

Crowdbase may receive from or provide third parties with minor non-monetary benefits that are capable of enhancing the quality of service provided to Clients and are of a scale and nature such that they could not be judged to impair compliance with our duty to act in the Client’s best interest.

The Company may receive proper fees which enable or are necessary for the provision of investment services, such as custody costs, settlement and exchange fees, regulatory levies or legal fees, and which, by their nature, cannot give rise to conflicts with the firm's duties to act honestly, fairly and professionally in accordance with the best interests of its clients.

Fees for fundraisers (companies)

Commission scales are negotiable depending on the size of the crowdfunding project, type of service offered, the type of financial instruments and the maturity of the financial instrument, where applicable. The typical commissions scales vary depending on the type of service offered.

A proportion of the total commission charge will be payable before the commencement of the crowdfunding project (regardless of the outcome) to cover the fixed due diligence costs and reduce operational risk of the company. This fee will be deductible from the final commission charge if the project is successful.

Account opening

Account opening for natural personsFree
Account opening for legal persons (simple structure)Free
Up to €200 depending on complexity of KYBUp to €200 depending on complexity of KYB

Payment processing fees

All payment processing charges will be borne by the crowdfunding project owner upon the successful completion of the project. The table below shows some indicative values provided by the Company’s payment processing partner:

European cards1.5% + €0.25
International cards2.9% + €0.25
Currency conversion2.0%
Bank transfers (inwards)Variable depending on sending bank
WithdrawalsVariable depending on receiving bank

If money is transferred into a client’s account but are not invested into a crowdfunding project, all payment processing and transfer fees will be charged to the customer.

Crowdbase has the right to change the above pricing policy that concerns costs and expenses for the provision of investment services. Any changes will be affected, at least, ten (10) calendar days after their public announcement to the clients.