CYBAN ‘Rebooting the Network’: An Exciting New Collaboration

Crowdbase's new partnership with CYBAN, aims to strengthen the local startup ecosystem and further expand funding opportunities.

2nd July 2024, Nicosia, Cyprus - We are thrilled to share the highlights of our recent participation in the 'Rebooting the Network' event hosted by the Cyprus Business Angels Network (CYBAN). As gold sponsors of this network, we had the honour of supporting CYBAN’s mission to revitalise their network and ramp up their activities to better support local startups. We are particularly excited to announce our new collaboration with CYBAN, a partnership designed to strengthen our local entrepreneurial ecosystem by further expanding funding opportunities available for local startups.

A New Era for CYBAN

The 'Rebooting the Network' event showcased CYBAN's renewed commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem for startups in Cyprus. Keynote speeches and panel discussions highlighted CYBAN's plans to increase the frequency and impact of their pitching events. These events provide invaluable platforms for local entrepreneurs to present their innovative ideas to potential investors. With a robust schedule of multiple pitching events per year, CYBAN is poised to once again become a cornerstone of the startup community in Cyprus.

Crowdbase and CYBAN: A Strategic Partnership

During the event, we were proud to unveil our collaboration with CYBAN. This partnership will create a dedicated portal for CYBAN members, offering them access to our crowdfunding opportunities as well as ventures they bring on themselves. This portal will serve as a one-stop hub for CYBAN members looking to diversify their portfolios with promising startups.

What this Collaboration Means for the Cypriot Startup Ecosystem

This collaboration signifies a bold step towards strengthening the startup ecosystem in Cyprus. By combining CYBAN's deep-rooted local expertise with Crowdbase's cutting-edge crowdfunding platform, we are creating a synergistic environment where startups can thrive and investors can find exciting new opportunities. Our collaboration with CYBAN is a strategic step to bridge the funding gap for startups and innovative ventures in Cyprus and beyond. CYBAN’s extensive network of angel investors complements Crowdbase’s platform by adding new dimensions of funding sources and opportunities for early-stage companies.

As our COO, Panayiotis Kakourides, stated at the event “This partnership is about leveraging each other’s strengths. Crowdbase provides a streamlined, online platform for raising funds, engaging both retail and institutional investors, while CYBAN offers a network of seasoned angel investors who bring valuable mentorship, industry connections, and larger ticket investments. Together, we create a robust ecosystem.”


The 'Rebooting the Network' event marked a pivotal moment for the startup ecosystem in Cyprus. As Gold sponsors and strategic partners, we are excited about the synergy between CYBAN's local expertise and Crowdbase's crowdfunding platform. This collaboration promises to provide CYBAN members with diverse investment opportunities, advanced tools, and enhanced networking. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this partnership will have on the local startup community. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out the dedicated portal and continue to work closely with CYBAN to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Cyprus. Together, as proud Gold sponsors, we are powering the future of startup investments!

Crowdbase Team

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