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Flexible microlending loans with repayments of up to three years!



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Retail Microfinance

GoGet is the latest retail microfinance product launched by Ellinas Finance Public Company Ltd to enable flexible microloans to consumers and alleviate merchants from the complexities of providing instalment payments for their products.


For Consumers

Consumers demand a seamless solution when shopping:

  1. Can not afford to pay upfront the entire amount for larger purchases
  2. Unexpected expenses arise all the time, putting financial strain on households
  3. Require a quick and flexible solution to finance purchases

Costly and Hard to Manage

For Merchants

Merchants face a series of problems when trying to set up their own payments scheme:

  1. Lack of expertise in assessing the creditworthiness of clients
  2. A capital-intensive process which restricts other growth opportunities
  3. A different process for each merchant creates friction with consumers

The Solution

Quick and Flexible Micro Loans

For Consumers

Consumers can quickly and easily receive a loan at the counter for up to €10,000! Loans of up to €1,000 are approved immediately!

For Merchants

GoGet provides a complete instalments solution seamlessly integrated with each merchant’s system. What does this mean?

  1. Provide a financing option to encourage otherwise lost sales
  2. Free up capital to use in other areas, such as inventory or expansion
  3. No need to set up a complicated system or chase customers to pay
  4. Receive the entire amount of the purchase upfront with no delays

Business Model

GoGet buys the products at a discount, usually between 5% to 10%, from the merchants and then finances its customers with an extra margin of approximately 10%.

Roadmap and Vision

Accelerate Growth

The product was launched in the summer of 2021 as an MVP but has since come a long way!

Use of Funds

Expand Clientele

The money raised in this issue will be used to expand the clientele of the product with the current merchants, add new merchants to the service and market the product.

The underlying infrastructure of the service, including the accompanying mobile App, is already under development and will not utilise the funds raised through the issue.

The service has already been active over the last year in a limited capacity and will now increase deployment through the funds raised.

Track Record

Proven MVP


GoGet has been operating in a limited, testing capacity for over a year with an excellent track record.

30 Years of Experience

Ellinas Finance

Ellinas Finance has 30 years of experience, expertise and a stellar track record in financing and other services.

The Group’s main activities are short-term and medium-term lending to individuals and companies through specially tailored personal and business loans, financing of investor accounts, factoring services, microfinance, private equity in Cypriot and foreign companies, and international money transfers through the Company’s network of more than 60 locations in Cyprus, people advisory services and payroll advisory services.

With the best interests of its clients in mind, Ellinas Finance has developed a broad range of specialised products and services, tailor-made to offer quality and service. In its many years of operation, Ellinas Finance has helped a significant number of companies launch, develop and expand their operations while facilitating individual clients achieve their personal goals.


Strong Balance Sheet and Consistent Income

The track record and success of the company are supported by its strong financial performance over the last five years (the audited financial statements are publicly available on the company's website or in the Document tab of the campaign).

The company has equity to sufficiently cover its long-term borrowings, with a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.29 in the last audited year. Additionally, through the holding period of three years of the debenture, the company is projected to maintain a debt-to-equity ratio of less than 1.

At the same time, the company is generating a consistent stream of income to adequately cover its interest expenses and debt repayments. Based on the latest audited financial accounts, the company has an interest coverage ratio of over 7!


Adaptable Model

The debenture has a coupon rate of 12 months Euribor plus a 3% spread, with a floor rate of 4.5%.

Due to the highly volatile macroeconomic environment and the fast-changing interest rates from central banks across the world, the team has decided to structure the security with a variable coupon rate based on the 12 months Euribor rate plus an appropriate spread based on the total credit risk of the Company.

In addition, a minimum coupon rate of 4.5% to ensure a minimum payment in the event of an unexpected fall in interest rates over the three-year tenure of the bond.

The debt security is expected to be listed in the Emerging Companies market on the Cyprus Stock Exchange before the first coupon payment if the round raises more than one million, which will reduce the defence tax payable by coupon holders from 30% to 3%.

Deal Terms