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Meet the people at Crowdbase

Meet the people behind the scenes at Crowdbase and learn more about what drives us.

We are a team of young, entrepreneurial professionals supported by highly experienced industry veterans.

Our goal is to provide an alternative form of financing to entrepreneurial startups, innovative small-medium enterprises and socially impactful real estate developments.

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Founded company

Crowdbase was founded in October 2020 by Frixos Larkos and Daniel Koudouna after the failed first tender offer for the Cyprus Equity Fund.

CIF license

Crowdbase was licensed to be the first investment-crowdfunding platform by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Platform launch

The platform was launched to the public in September 2022 at the company's launch event.

First successful campaign

The first campaign, easyBoat, was successfully completed in December 2022, raising €469,718 from 141 investors!

Mission Statement

Connecting investors and visionaries to foster a more innovative future

Meet our team

  • Frixos Larkos profile picture

    Frixos Larkos

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Daniel Koudouna profile picture

    Daniel Koudouna

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Panayiotis Kakourides profile picture

    Panayiotis Kakourides

    Deputy Managing Director

  • Philip Larkos profile picture

    Philip Larkos


  • Christos Vassiliou profile picture

    Christos Vassiliou

    Non-executive Director

  • Costas Melanides profile picture

    Costas Melanides

    Non-executive Director

Our values

United by our core values, we're committed to delivering a transparent and reliable platform that empowers investors and entrepreneurs to achieve success.

Upholding openness in all operations, ensuring clear communication and providing the information necessary for informed decision-making among investors and entrepreneurs.
Cultivating strong relationships by demonstrating reliability, professionalism, and integrity, ensuring confidence in our platform and every investment opportunity presented.
Continuously embracing and promoting pioneering ideas, nurturing a forward-thinking environment that drives economic growth and creates a lasting impact.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Fostering a resilient and adaptable mindset, encouraging calculated risk-taking and creative problem-solving to empower businesses and investors to thrive.
Championing an inclusive platform that breaks down barriers, enabling individuals from all backgrounds and experience levels to participate in, and benefit from, the world of crowdfunding.
Empowering our community by providing targeted resources and learning opportunities, cultivating the growth of essential skills for successful investing and entrepreneurship.

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